Why choose HVLP

Why choose a HVLP paint sprayer?

A Healthier Way To Spray

HVLP creates much less overspray for a cleaner and healthier working environment, suitable for both indoor and outdoor work.

Be in control

HVLP technology sprays small particles of paint at high volume and low pressure. The low pressure condenses the paint for controlled coverage and allows the user to get close to their designated surface with far less overspray than other methods.

Big material savings

HVLP spray guns deliver 95% transfer efficiency, resulting in at least 50% material savings.

An investment worth making

Earlex Spray Station’s and Spray Port’s are American Made with the best hardware and materials for repeatable use. The Earlex HVLP paint sprayers have patented needle tip technology unlike others who use plastic. They are very hardwearing and much easier to clean for clog free results.

Time saving in all ways

Not only does HVLP get the job done quicker than traditional methods using a brush or a roller, it avoids the trouble of messy paint trays, drips and spills.

Simple to use with great results

Earlex Spray Station’s and Spray Port’s, with their easy to use design features, give everyone the capability to get smooth painting results, just like that of a professional.