Earlex – For The Woodworker

Earlex products offer quality and affordability to woodworkers who value tools that help them put a perfect finish on their projects. Whether you are a DIY hobbyist or a professional, the finish is the final step in completing a project with hours of work and craftsmanship. The application tools for different finishes are as important as any other tool and reflect the work and craftsmanship you put into it. The application tools you use can make as much of a difference as the materials and coatings you choose. Earlex sprayers make the application process a rewarding part of the project.


What our customers say

  • “I purchased the Earlex 5500 sprayer just a couple of months ago and it has changed the way I finish. Spraying is something I should have done years ago but was always leery of how it would come out. The 5500 has changed all that for me.”


  • “I have the 5500 and love it. I’ve sprayed professionally for over 25 years and when I retired and now only work in my small shop at home, I decided to go with an HVLP system and decided on the 5500. I’ve been using it for the past couple years and it’s done a great job. I’ve built two complete kitchens since retiring and all the spraying was done with the Earlex.”


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